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    Byzar Bloodforge

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    Byzar Bloodforge is a dwarf warrior that tasks young members of the Storm Guard with slaying their first ogre.

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    While not a trainer in the warrior guild, Byzar plays an integral role in the lives of most young, dwarf warriors. First, he will reward those brave enough to bring him four sets of beads worn by the goblins that roam the Butcherblock Mountains. Once Byzar is convinced of the young warrior's skill, he will issue a challenge to slay two ogres named Zarchoomi and Corflunk. For this, he offers a random piece of his signature bloodforge armor.

    If both ogre heads are brought to Byzar, he will open up a bit and request help in a more personal matter. Apparently, his sister's fiance has disappeared on her. Byzar has no idea where Trumpy Irontoe is, but he wants the coward's head. For successfully completing this task, Byzar will hand over his prized Bloodforge Hammer.




    • Kazon Stormhammer
    • Merchants of Kaldim
    • Miners Guild 249
    • Storm Guard

    Opposing Factions

    • Craknek Warriors

    Related Quests

    • Ogre Heads
    • Runnyeye Warbeads
    • Trumpy Irontoe

    EverQuest II

    Along with many other fallen Stormguard warriors' skeletons, Byzar Bloodforge's ghost haunts the Haunted Vaults beneath the Shattered Lands.


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