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C4 is an explosive material that is one of the more powerful portable explosives in this day and age. C4 can be used in many different ways. In many games, C4 is planted to destroy a building or tank. Generally, C4 is first planted onto a wall and then detonated remotely. With remote detonation, players have the chance to set up traps for enemies, whether they be walking through a door, or on a convoy. In many games, C4 is represented by a sort of package like object that has a red flashing light which beeps. It also can stick to many objects and be place anywhere that your character can throw. Generally, like most explosives, enemy C4 can be shot at and destroyed by bullets or other explosives. This property, however, is in direct contradiction to how C4 behaves in the real world. In fact, one of the main reasons the substance is so favored is its high stability and resistance to accidental detonation.

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