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Cabilis is the heart of the current iksar empire. Sometimes referred to as New Sebilis by the older citizens, Cabilis is where iksar are trained before venturing into the various regions of Kunark. The iksar spent a significant amount of time attempting to reclaim their former home of Sebilis, but the undead dragon Trakanon thwarted these attempts. The new city is built on the moors northeast of the Lake of Ill Omen in the center of the continent. Much of the city itself is connected by various waterways that make up its streets. The city has hints of the iksar's former glory scattered about its mostly rudimentary design. Although it isn't much to look at, most of Cabilis is still under construction and grows every day thanks to countless froglok slaves. The entirity of Cabilis is protected by towering stone walls, and the eastern half has gates in Swamp of No Hope and the Field of Bone. The iksar are led by Emperor Vekin, who makes his home near the center of town. East Cabilis is easily the busiest part of town, for this is where the bank and dozens of merchants are located, creating high amounts of traffic. Guild halls for warriors, shadow knights, and monks are also found in this part of Cabilis.

West Cabilis is quieter than the eastern half. Construction has all but finished here, so there is alot less noise and absolutely no froglok slaves to be seen, leaving the western half of Cabilis as a pure Iksar society. While most merchants set up shop in East Cabilis, there are still a few to be found here. The most notable landmark in this part of town is the Tower of Death, where hatchlings are trained in the dark arts of necromancy. The guards of the western half of Cabilis refer to themselves as crusaders and are loyal only to the Tower of Death. Even the rare outsider who has proven their worth to the iksar will probably not be accepted by the crusaders. The two gates in western Cabilis lead to Warsliks Wood and the Lake of Ill Omen. In the southern part of town is a relic of the former iksar empire that serves as an arena.

Neighboring Zones

Starting City


  • Brood of Kotiz
  • Cabilis Residents
  • Crusaders of Greenmist
  • Legion of Cabilis
  • Scaled Mystics
  • Swift Tails

Guild Halls

Guild NameClassesChurch
Court of PainMonks
Fortress TalishanWarriors
Temple of TerrorBeastlords, Shadow Knights, Shaman
Tower of DeathNecromancersCazic-Thule

Commerce & Crafting

Shop NameGoods SoldCrafting SuppliesCrafting Kiosks
The BlockBank, GemsSmithing, Jewelry, BakingOven
East Cabilis BazaarFood, Water, Cloth Armor, BagsPottery, Smithing, Tailoring, Fishing, FletchingKiln, Pottery Wheel, Forge, Loom
East Cabilis BridgeAlcoholBrewingBrew Barrel
Fortress TalishanWeapons, Shields, ArmorSmithing, BakingCabilis Forge
Keeper's Grotto
The MortuaryCoffins
The Haggle Baron's ManorCloth Armor, PotionsAlchemy
Tink n' BabbleAlcoholBrew Barrel
West Cabilis BazaarIvory Weapons, Cloth Armor, General SuppliesFletching, Alchemy


Notable NPCs

Tower of Death
Tower of Death
  • Arch Duke Xog (Shadow Knight Guildmaster)
  • Grand Master Glox (Monk Guildmaster)
  • Harbinger Glosk (Necromancer Guildmaster)
  • Hierophant Granix (Shaman Guildmaster)
  • Iksar Hermit
  • Prime Patriarch Vuzx (Beastlord Guildmaster)
  • War Baron Eator (Warrior Guildmaster)

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