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    A unique cactuar found in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII sporting an afro.

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    The Cactair is a unique Cactuar monster that appears in Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It bears the appearance of a normal Cactuar, but sporting an afro. The monster is found in the Dead Dunes, and is in possession of one of the soul fragments required to awaken Dajh and complete Sazh's main quest.

    The Cactair only has 200 hit points, but no matter how powerful Lightning is, her individual strikes always deal only a single hit point of damage. It uses the Cactuar's traditional 1,000 Needles attack, but as a joke, its first attempt to use the attack fails because the needles become stuck in its afro. The Cactair is one-of-a-kind and counts as a Last One, though it does not bear the standard coloration of a Last One enemy.


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