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Developed by Kairosoft, Cafeteria Nipponica allows you to run a franchise of restaurants. In standard Kairosoft fashion, the game revolves around improving locations and perfecting recipes within a 15 year timeframe.


Similar to other games in the franchise, Cafeteria Nipponica focuses on the micro-management of a business. In this case, multiple restaurants. Focusing on designing menus, interior decorating, buying ingredients, developing and improving dishes and managing staff.


Resulting DishIngredient 1Ingredient 2Ingredient 3
Fried RiceRiceCarrot-
Seafood SoupUdonSecret Sauce-
ShumaiRiceTop-Class Pork-
KaraageToastBoned Chicken-
OnigiriRiceDried Seaweed-
Yaki OnigiriOnigiriSoy Sauce-
OmletteRiceFresh Eggs-
Rice OmeletteOmletteRice-
Chicken BowlRiceBoned Chicken-
Rice PorridgeHot PotOrganic Rice-
Curry n' RiceFried RiceHot Spices-
Indian CurryCurry n' RiceFlourHerbs
Fried UdonUdonSoy SauceCarrot
RamenUdonBoned Chicken-
Japanese PastaSpaghettiMushroomSpinach
Miso SoupSeafood SoupTofu-
StewCorn ChowderBoned ChickenNorthern Potato
Bird's Nest SoupShark Fin SoupCaviarFoie Gras
Hot PotSeafood SoupChinese CabbageBoned Chicken
Pork BunShumaiTop-Class Pork-
TakoyakiPork BunFlourOcotopus
Hamburger SteakSauteed ChickenMarbled BeefCarrot
Pizza ToastToastTomato-
ParfaitIce CreamCherries-
Pork BowlChicken BowlTop-Class PorkOnion
Eel BowlChicken BowlTasty FishSecret Sauce
Tuna BowlRiceTasty FishSoy Sauce
Crab Fried RiceFried RiceKing CrabMild Vinegar
Beef CurryCurry n' RiceMarbled Beef-
Hayashi RiceCurry n' RiceTomato-
Pasta CarbonaraSpaghettiFresh MilkFresh Eggs
Meat Sauce PastaSpaghettiTop-Class PorkTomato
Corn ChowderSeafood SoupSweet Corn-
YakitoriHamburger SteakTop Class ShrimpOrganic Rice
Top Class SushiSashimiOrganic RiceSoy Sauce
French FriesToastNorthern Potatoes-
Floor JobRequirementsSkill
ApprenticeCarry Food
ManagerLvl. 5 ApprenticeExp Up
Pro StaffLvl. 5 ManagerWalk Fast
Service MasterLvl. 5 ApprenticeGossip
PerformerLvl. 5 Service Master/ManagerCarry Food
NinjaLvl. 5 Performer/Japanese CookWalk Fast
Popular StaffLvl. 5 Performer/Apprentice CookCenter of Attention
Master FoodLvl. 5 Performer/ Expert ChefGossip
MusicianLvl. 5 Sercive Master/ 5 Star ChefForeign Language
Roller SkaterLvl. 5 Performer/Western CookWalk Fast
Animal HandlerLvl. 5 Musician/Ninja/Pro StaffRelaxing
Kairo StaffLvl. 5 Animal HandlerSnack Info

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