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Generation IV

Caitlin's Generation IV Appearance
Caitlin's Generation IV Appearance

Caitlin (also known as Cattelya in the Japanese versions of the Pokemon games) was one of the Frontier Brains of the Sinnoh and Johto league as well as the Castle Valet's treasurer as well as the battle partner of fellow fronteir brain, Darach. Her role was to manage how much CP the trainer should get if they were to win against Darach even though she appears alongside him during battle.

Generation V

Touya facing off against Caitlin in Generation V (Black/White)
Touya facing off against Caitlin in Generation V (Black/White)

In Pokemon Black/White, Caitlin became one of the Unova Reigon's Elite Four as she aged and also became the first female E4 member to mainly use Psychic-type pokemon after traveling to Unova to enhance her skills in battle. When defeated in the default pokedex battle, she also revealed to the main character (Touko/Touya) that in the past, she had possessed psychic abilities that can cause severe damage when throwing a temper tantrum. That fact was why her past battle partner, Darach took her place in the battles at the Castle Valet.

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