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    Caleb is a cynical, sarcastic man with a strong bent towards sadism, taking pleasure in killing almost anything that may impede his quest.

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    Caleb (Voiced by Stephan Weyte ) was born in Texas in the year 1847. By 1864 he had gained a reputation as a merciless gunslinger. In 1871 he met Ophelia Price, and soon joined her in the Cult of Tchernobog. Caleb and Ophelia would later find themselves as a part of Tchernobog's Chosen, his elite servants.  
    Caleb, Ophelia, Gabriel/Gabriella, and Ishmael then find themselves summoned to the Hall of Epiphany, Tchernobog's temple that spans a chasm between worlds. Darkness consumes them and they burn.
    Caleb awakens some unknown time later in his grave. From there he begins his quest to find the fates of the other Chosen, and his way back to the Hall of Epiphany to confront Tchernobog. 


    Caleb fights his way through all manner of horrors to determine the fates of the other Chosen. He finds they've all been sacrificed to Tchernobog by his guardians, Cheogh (a stone gargoyle), Shial (Mother of Spiders), and Cerberus (two headed hellhound). Finally, Caleb reaches the Hall of Epiphany and confronts Tchernobog himself. Tchernobog reveals that he cast Caleb out because he knew that Caleb would shed gallons of blood to get back to him, thus making him stronger. Caleb eventually destroys Tchernobog, and begins his trek back to the world of the living.

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