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    Call of Duty 2

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Oct 25, 2005

    Infinity Ward's second and last foray into the World War II installments of the hit Call of Duty series brings another series of viewpoints of the war in Europe. It's credited as the first to introduce staple gameplay mechanics such as nearby grenade indicators and automatically-regenerating health.

    sylosis's Call of Duty 2 (Xbox 360) review

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    Call Of Duty 2

    Call of Duty 2 for the 360 has many different aspects which makes it very hard to review. Firstly, this is quite an old game and because of that, the unlockable achievements are very simple, yet hard to unlock.
    If you are thinking of buying this game and you DO mind about the gamer points then get ready for some seriously long gameplay and feeling so frustrated that you want to smash in your 360 with your controller. This is because nearly all of the points are unlocked via Veteran difficulty (extra hard) in single player.

    The graphics are pretty good for a reasonably old game, especially the smoke particle effects which are so sexy! The AI are pretty clever aswell; attacking while you're reloading, throwing back grenades and laying down suppressing fire for each other are a few examples.
    The gameplay is awesome with a great variety of interchangeable weapons and at points in the game you can get so sucked into it that you find yourself screaming and shouting at the enemy.
    During about 90% of the game you are with allies, which is a good thing because they do help you alot, especially on Veteran difficulty.

    Like i said before, you might aswell go straight into this game on veteran difficulty, unless this is the first first person shooter you have ever played. It is very hard and you do find yourself dying and getting stuck on certain points, almost every 10 minutes, however there are a good number of checkpoints and the loading time is almost negligible (about 5 seconds) and you get an insightful quote by a famous person.
    But with enough effort and determination you will slowly but surely progress through the game and after you complete every level and you get the gamer points, you feel so satisfied and it was so worth it.

    The online multiplayer is ok, however you have extreme difficulty trying to get into the same game as a friend. It is good, and quite hard and is something that you would maybe play once every now and again but i can't see many people getting properly into it. Worth a go but not worth buying xbox live for. So overall, if you're in for a challenge and you've got about 20 hours to spare this game is great, and you get a load of points from this game aswell.

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