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Clearly the best in the series

It's rare for me to say a sequel surpasses the original with no question. The team at Infantry Ward have done a fantastic job on Call of Duty 2. There are many improvements scattered about. Once again, there are three campaigns of Russian, British, and American. They're just in reverse order this time. First off, the graphics. The graphics have been greatly improved by the already good looking original. There seems to be more explosions everywhere lol. Of course, it is still a little dated, but older computers will love it. The game basically still has the same intense gameplay in the original, mixed with new levels, better graphics, and better multiplayer. The sound is still top notch and sounds likes it's taken out of Saving Private Ryan. Several improvements have been added including improves frienly A.I., a big feature of the original. Sniping has been improved. The scope is bigging and will show dirt marks on it. You can also hold your breath to help steady the aim. The multiplayer is the best part. The community is still very lively (though there is a lot of mod servers). The maps are so much more memorable than the first, and sniping is actually useful. All of the game modes you would expect are there. The multiplayer is all around better than the first. Overall, everything just feels, better. It's a beefed up version of Call of Duty, fixing every problem with it.

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