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call of duty 4 is one of the best games I have ever played

Every now and then there comes a game that doesn't revolutionize the gaming world but has enough in it that it is an instant hit. Call of duty 4 is such a game. Right from the onset on the game you will find yourself immersed in it. I had more fun in the first couple levels(The prologue) than I have ever had in a FPS before and that is saying a lot. The game makes you feel as though you are part of a team and what you are doing and experiencing is real.
You play the game through the eyes of an SAS member and a Marine Force Recon soldier. While you don't learn a whole lot about them, the way the game is designed and the way the other characters interact with you makes you feel for these characters. This is achieved through a good Story line that has it's share of surprises and then some. I wont ruin anything for anyone but I have to say that the set pieces in the story are some of the best. "Walking" through a city that had just been nuked is probably one of the best experiences that I have ever had in a game regardless of its genre. While the first half of the story is unpredictable and will literally have you grabbing the edge of your seat the game's story line does become somewhat lackluster later on. However it still remains a visceral experience that will be enjoyed by many. The game still has a lot of sequences where you Run and gun in a manner of speaking but it also includes sections where you can get the real feel of an spec ops soldiers as you sneak around and shoot up people with your sniper rifle and your silenced rifle. My only complain would be that these parts are not too often and were much more enjoyable than the arcade style run and gun. However infinity ward has done an excellent job of throwing in multiple stuff in the game such as the AC-130 you get to control which was a lot of fun. There is also an arcade mode in the game and you can track your scores over XBL and compare them with your friends and people all over the world.
Online is probably the biggest part of COD4 and it rivals that of Halo3. Infinity ward has nailed the formula for success with COD4's online mode which has everything from customizable/unlockable weapons to unlockable perks.
It is easily one of the most deepest online modes on the planet. Also on a personal note it seems that there is a lot less of the immature kids on COD 4 compared to Halo 3 which makes the game that much more fun. The weapons react the way you would expect them to and you will feel as though you are a real soldier when you are playing this game. This is a must buy for anyone looking for a good game

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There are WAY less immature kids then on halo 3... I dont understand why people cant see that halo3 is played by more kids then "kid" games. But yeah I hated COD 4. I understand its a great game and all but I cant play it. I know what im saying sounds weird but yeah.

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