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Doesn't revolutionize the genre but perfects it.

Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty 4 does not do anything revolutionary, or that much different than other first person shooters, but it has instead perfects the formula. In single player you play as both an SAS operative Soap MacTavish, U.S. Marine Paul Jackson, and Lieutenant Price. The plot is delivered well through mission briefings, and a first person perspective. This with the plot twists make for a very enjoyable experience. The game’s missions aren’t only shooting your way to your objective. There is also some variety as you play as AC-130 gunner, and a Lieutenant Price as a sniper sneaking your behind enemy lines. The settings also have variety to them, with many great locals, from , , , and also an Airliner. Every moment of the game is intense, and exciting, but comes at a cost of a very short campaign roughly 4-6 hours to complete. But even though the single player is short, you will want to play it over again in the various difficulty levels, and you can also play arcade mode that scores you when you are playing single player.

Even if you don’t play the single player, the multiplayer will keep you occupied for a long time. It is one of the best and deepest multiplayer games I can remember. The game is fitted with a levelling/ranking system, and customizable characters via perks, and gun attachments. You customize your guns colour, and what attachment goes for it, as you level up. Also perks is an interesting addition to the game, as it changes the game play quite a bit. You can have 3 perks, from 3 categories. Some cool perks include last stand, which allows you to use the pistol and try to get some extra kills after you are down. Others include double tap which increases rate of fire for your weapons, bandolier which gives you more ammo for your weapon. You also get rewarded for killing streaks, 3 kills gets you an UAV, 5 kills gets you an air strike, and 7 kills in a row gets you a helicopter. Even with all these additions made to the Call of Duty formula everything feels balanced, and extremely fun. The game can have up to 18 players, and there are 16 maps in the game, with 4 more as downloadable content. There are also many game modes from your traditional deathmatch, and team deathmatch, to headquarters which is like a king of the hill, where the team holding the HQ doesn’t respawn, to Search and Destroy the offensive team must plant a bomb in the bomb site, while the defenders must stop them. All game modes will appeal to everyone from the team player, to the lone wolf. 

The graphics are great, and are very realistic, and also runs very smoothly. The sound is top notch from the explosions, gun sounds, to the music. The single player is short, sweet, and immersive, while the multiplayer is deep, and rewarding. If you aren’t a shooter fan Call of Duty 4 won’t change your mind about the genre, but if you are a shooter fan this is one of the best shooters that has ever been made and perfected.

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