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Call of Duty 4

  Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
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Developer: Infinity Ward
Release Date: November 6, 2007
Distribution Method: Steam, EBGames, Direct2Drive, nVidia Free Gift
Price: $49.99 (Steam)
ERSB Rating: M (17+)

Website: http://www.charlieoscardelta.com/
Game Information: Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare like the previous titles in the Call of Duty series is a First-Person Shooter. Call of Duty 4 is the first game to break away from the World War 2 setting that the previous games seemed to be emotionally attached to. Call of Duty 4 keeps the same general concept that the previous Call of Duty games had but advances it into Modern Warfare which is a big leap for the series and has lead to the start of development for Modern Warfare 2. Call of Duty 4 uses a Proprietary Engine developed within Infinity Ward, the Engine was also used in Call of Duty 5.

Single Player Campaign:
Throughout the campaign you control six different people from the First-Person Perspective (Soap MacTavish, Sergeant Paul Jackson, Lieutenant Price, Yasir Al-Fulani and two other unnamed characters), most of the game is played from the perspective of Soap MacTavish, during your time playing through the various characters in the single player campaign you will have "missions" that place you in different parts of the world ranging from Urban Desert like Cities to Swampy Marshes. Call of Duty 4 has a handful of weapons to use, most of which you will be able to use in the Single Player Campaign but sticking with the normal M4A1 and Pistol combo seems to be the best choice to go through the campaign, the sniper missions are an exception to this.

Anyways onto the Singe Player Campaign, you're playing through it as a "Good Guy" named Soap, during your play time you're essentially trying to stop a Radical Leader that just overthrew the Government in the Middle East by killing the President (Yasir Al-Fulani). Now if that wasn't going to be hard enough an Ultranationalist movement has created a Cival War in Russia which you will also have to deal with during certain parts of the game, both must be completed and both are fun. If you want more detailed locations Wikipedia claims that you visit the following locations, The Middle East, Azerbaijan, Russia, and Prypiat and The Ukraine.

In my opinion the Single Player Campaign was horribly short and only lasted about 5 - 6 hours for me which is kind of short, this doesn't effect the game that much as the Call of Duty series has always been known for its Multiplayer Content which this game has (Read below).

Multiplayer: At first glance the Multiplayer Content seems overwhelming but Infinity Ward thought about that and included a Leveling System which has a total of 55 levels, this can seem high but at about level 35 you've probably already unlocked everything that you want / need, most of the other levels are to unlock camouflage schemes and Weapon Enhancements. Multiplayer is played throughout a handful of levels, each level varies in Size and Layout. Throughout Multiplayer you will be killing players (TDM) or Defusing / Arming Bombs or Eliminating Players, all of these are great features of Multiplayer but the most popular is by far Team Death Match.

Added into the Multiplayer are special "Skill" type kill bonuses for achievement 3 kills, 5 kills and 7 kills, at 3 kills you will be given a UAV which displays where enemies are on your radar / map, at 5 kills you are given an Air Strike, which if used correctly can kill an entire team and clear paths that where once blocked by huge groups of enemies / campers. At 7 kills you're given a Helicopter that you can call into play (Only one can be deployed at a time), this helicopter flies around the map killing anything it see's, I find this to be horrible when compared to a properly used Air Strike, so I tend to call my Air Strike first and then call in my Helicopter from the kills I have achieved from my Helicopter.There are also 2 modes of play in Call of Duty 4 Multiplayer, one of which I like to call "Softcore" and the other is "Hardcore" I'll explain which each are below.

Softcore - This is the default mode of play, you're given enough health to survive a few bullets and this is generally easier to live in but harder to kill people in. I'd recommend this mode for newer players to the Call of Duty Series but feel free to play Hardcore. Softcore also provides players with a Tactical HUD (Map, Ammo Totals, Score, Kill Cams etc).

Hardcore - Hardcore is in all ways nearly identical to Softcore but doesn't allow a HUD or map (UAVs will give a map to players though). Your health is also drastically reduced so that one (sometimes two) bullets will kill you and your opponents. This game type is more popular among Team Death Match servers then anything else and is a great improvement over Softcore if you like a challenge. (Beware of Campers )

Multiplayer is what makes Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.

Achievements: The achievements in Call of Duty 4 are referred to as "Challenges", most of these challenges are easy (Kill 75 people with X Weapon, etc) and upon completing provide you with a nice sum of experience to help you level quickly. Besides what I said about the challenges before they don't serve that much of a purpose and are completely optional and won't effect Game Play at all if you neglect them.

My Rating:
8 out of 10, The only reason this game was given 8 out of 10 instead of 9 or 10 was because Infinifty Ward stopped supporting the game after Patch 1.7, this might seem like a silly reason but the game is still filled with bugs and there aren't that many maps to play, it tends to get boring after a few months. Another factor was because of how short the Single Player Campaign was and the big "Screw You" at the end of the single player experience.


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