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One of if not THE best shooter ever.

Call of Duty 4 modern warfare is a first person shooter developed by Infinity Ward that brings the Call of Duty series from the stale WW2 Setting to the fresh and exiting world of Modern Warfare.

The Single player portion of the game has follows an SAS trooper named "Soap" and a American Marine named Paul Jackson, the game swaps between the two soldiers perspectives every couple of levels which keeps the game settings fresh.
Soaps missions are more stealth focused but the game allows you to go charge in guns blazing in if you're up to it, this is coupled with the missions for Paul Jackson which see him taking part in an all out assault on a middle eastern country who has gone to war with the US, the two plots have their own characters and original set-piece battles but inevitably meet up towards the end for a very satisfying conclusion.

The game play of Call of duty 4 may initially seem similar to previous games in the series but the game features realistic modern military weapons and tools ranging from Flash Grenades to Silenced weapons, the game features some vehicle sections, one of which involves you playing a bomber who must help "Soap" and his fellow SAS chaps as they escape from an enemy infested Russian Countryside.

The Graphics of COD4 are nothing short of amazing, the game is just short of photorealistic and runs with a perfect frame-rate the whole time, it features excellent lighting, smoke and physics effects that truly help COD4 mark itself as a revolution.
These excellent graphics are complemented by the games superb soundtrack which features epic music that times itself impeccably as you find yourself in the midst of a firefight.

One of the major elements of previous Call of Duty games has been its multiplayer which in this installment has revolutionized Multiplayer FPS games, the game allows players to gain experience for killing foes and completing certain tasks allows them to rank up giving them access to more equipment and perks to customize themselves.
Perks in COD4 allow you to make small modifications to how you play online to give yourself an edge, one example of this is the perk "Matyrdom" which causes you to drop a grenade upon being killed, allowing you to get even with your killer.

All in All COD4 is a revolution for the modern FPS genre and in my opinion the best First Person Shooter game ever.

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