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Yes, you can be totally average at multiplier in this one too 0

I'm terrible at Multiplayer. It's a fact. You likely are too unless you are one of the people who can shoot me with an SMG from across the map. Reguardless, the multiplayer experience is pretty fun. Like all Call of Duty games, the multiplayer experience is one of leveling and unlocks. But the mobility of the Exo-Suits is what set Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from it's predecessors. The movement is a quick an intuitive stripped down version of the single player campaign's capabilities. doubl...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Critical Analysis 0

Do note that this review is only of the campaign and does not take into account any of the multiplayer features.Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is at least better than the low point found in last year's entry, Ghosts, but more importantly, it manages to actually recapture a little bit of what made Call of Duty such an enjoyable series in the early years. That is to say Advanced Warfare is strange because while it certainly attempts to push the franchise into the future through both the setting a...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 0

For as much as Call of Duty Ghosts did wrong, Advanced Warfare gets so so right. Between the supply crate loot aspect added to the tried and true multiplayer structure, some fantastic new multiplayer modes and an absolutely idiotic yet amazing campaign; it is safe to assume that Call of Duty is back....

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As rigidly structured as ever, yet the exosuit freshens up a predictable formula 0

In a year where the biggest shooters both feature some sort of assisted double jump, it’s fitting that Call of Duty (the biggest of them all) should join in on the party, strapping on its technologically-advanced exosuit to dash and double jump its way to mobile parity. Call of Duty is no stranger to near-future warfare, of course; both Black Ops II and Ghosts meddled with such futuristic tomfoolery, but Advanced Warfare takes the series a step further with a leap to the 2050s. Any pretenc...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare 0

What is it?I'm sure by now that I don't need to explain what Call of Duty is but just to be on the safe side it's a Modern Military Shooter (MMS). Advanced Warfare as you can probably guess is set in the near future and revolves heavily around both future tech and Private Military Contractors (PMCs). Personally I'm pretty certain that this entry in the series also serves as a potential season 5 maybe season 6 for House of Cards. The biggest question about Advanced Warfare is whether or not it's ...

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COD: Advanced Warfare Review 0

I am by my own admission a fan of Call Of Duty, I’m not very good at them, but a fan none-the-less. After playing Call Of Duty: Ghosts last year, I was really disheartened by the entire franchise. Fearing the utmost worst, I went into this years edition, Advanced Warfare, with almost zero expectations. However, after spending multiple hours across the campaign, the multiplayer, and the cooperative Exo Survival mode, Call Of Duty is back on top of the military shooter pile.The reason why it...

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Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Review 0

Call of Duty is a series known for consistently being the same game year after year with only minor tweaks and changes. Follow the guy with the dot over his head that says “follow,” shoot the bad guys, move on. This year, developer Sledgehammer Games is looking to change the tried and true Call of Duty formula by focusing on current-gen, taking us 50 years into the future, using motion capture, and adding exo-suits. Advanced Warfare has the same great mechanics as every other Call o...

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