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Yes, you can be totally average at multiplier in this one too

I'm terrible at Multiplayer. It's a fact. You likely are too unless you are one of the people who can shoot me with an SMG from across the map. Reguardless, the multiplayer experience is pretty fun.

Like all Call of Duty games, the multiplayer experience is one of leveling and unlocks. But the mobility of the Exo-Suits is what set Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare from it's predecessors. The movement is a quick an intuitive stripped down version of the single player campaign's capabilities. double-tap the jump button to double jump, click in the game pad to scoot in any direction mid jump. This translates into a frenetic run-and-gun experience where you can make your kill then escape quickly. Or if you are like me, you will still die immediately. With a little practice you'll be jumping through windows and across wide gaps. Even firing at enemies in no time. The system isn't perfect, as i've found jumping up out of rooms will get me stuck on world geometry occasionally.

The unlock system works on a 13 point system. Each skill has a value. This makes it versatile. You can forego perks, your secondary weapon, or any other item in order to double up on other skills. want two grenades? you can do it. Want to be totally invisible to other player's skills? you can do it. All at a price. Perks follow standard Call of Duty perks. Skills such as invisibility to UAV, taking less explosive damage, moving faster, etc. The exo-suit also has perks suck as a temporary buff to speed or hit points, silencing feet, or predator style invisibility.

Combat and shooting is exactly what you expect from a Call of Duty game. Early on I have questions weapon output. Heavt Machine guns seem to do less damage than i think they should, and sniper rifles do more. Despite Sledghammer's insistence that "quickscoping" would not be a thing in this game, it totally is. For better or for worse. Hit boxes are consistent with previous games as well, making for some odd final kill shots.

Game modes are like other COD games as well. You are likely familiar with Team deathmatch, ground war, capture the flag, etc. They have a full set of Hardcore modes as well, and, if the Exo-suit isn't your thing, they have classic modes where the mobility is taken away.

The PC version is a competent port. I play on an X-box controller and everything plays exactly how I expect it. The downside of PC is there have been low ping times during matchmaking causing it to drop and re-queue you fairly often. Also the first 30 seconds of a match is occasionally very choppy for me. This however has been similar to recent battlefields. Netcode being what it is, I would expect a patch soon.

Overall, i've still been enjoying the game and look forward to playing it badly on a continued basis. Sledghammer Games has created a fun and entertaining multiplayer experience that will appeal to anyone who likes the Call of Duty franchise.

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