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I got this from Intel and won't have a chance to use it. First come, first served, enjoy if you take it.


Code Redemption Instructions:

  • Visit and sign into your Activision account, or create a free account if you don’t have one.
  • Enter your code, select, choose your location and then hit Submit.
  • You will receive a message indicating that your Beta code was accepted.
  • Your Beta token will be delivered to the email you have provided for your Activision account closer to the Beta start date.
  • Once you receive the Beta token, redeem it on Blizzard per the instructions in the email.

The Early Access period of the PC Beta runs from 10:00 AM PST August 10th to 10:00 AM PST August 11th. The PC Beta will become Open to all players from 10:00 AM PST August 11thto 10:00AM PST August 13th.

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Thanks, just used it!

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