Thoughts On Blackout Mode?

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This is the first COD i purchased in YEARS, felt like it was time for a level everything up kinda shooter, but as a huge PUBG and Fortnite fan I think the real push to purchase came from Blackout mode. After about 6 or 7 rounds, I think its....good? Theres something about the COD engine in the sandbox format that feels off, just a little bit too janky, but overall its working out better than expected. I wish the map was less rigid, (died by the blue circle because the Dam doesn't have a way up) and the fact that there are zombies in the world is absolutely awful, but I've had a blast between the gunplay being so refined, and the halo style driving.

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They said something to this effect on the bombcast, but it's a nice middle ground between PUBG and Fortnite. You still need to be tactical, but you can also lob 4 grenades at someone and shoot a rocket lol.

I've had a good time so far, but no chicken dinner (are they calling them that?) yet.

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It's fun, but it looks almost...unfinished. All the assets have a weird, flat color to them and everything just feels off. I don't know, it's hard to describe, but the first match I played was very jarring.

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I like it better than PUBG and Fortnite.

There are no idiots building walls while I'm trying to shoot them and PUBG is such a mess on Xbox (the only place I have to play it). I actually uninstalled PUBG and Fortnite.

I'm still terrible at Blackout, but i love the feel of the shooting and the movement.

Got to #2 and #3 solo.

edit: won a solo game, but the achievement for winning Blackout didn't unlock, it shows in game, but i feel like without the achievement, i feel like no one will believe me. lol

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@darkjohnny477: I enjoy fortnite but have refused to engage with the building, so I only have one win, this is what we all needed.

@big_denim:I'm sure theres a better comparison but it really feels like PUBG did early on PC. It runs smoothly but yuck.

Why did they put zombies in? does it bother anyone else?

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@gtb08: I think it fits with what they are going for with the map also referencing other multiplayer maps.

I haven't had an issue yet because the zombies are clearly marked. There is Asylum where they always will be, and then there will be a pillar of light marking the "random" zombies. If you clear whatever building they are in you can get some sweet loot.

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To me it’s just as impossible as any other BR game so I’m not really into it.

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I'm enjoying it my best finish so far is a 6th place. I'm by no means a beast at battle Royale but this is the first one where I genuinely feel like I'm getting better. My battle Royale record currently stands at:

1 solo battle Royale - Fortnite (only played a handful, 10/15 at most so christ knows how I managed this)

2 2nd places 2 3rd place PUBG

1 solo 6th place Blackout

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Most of it feels good, but I have issues with the armor system. It feels like you’re punished for engaging anyone before the final circle. I’m not sure if they intended to reward a more passive playstyle, but with a few tweaks or maybe a hardcore mode, I would love it.

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