Trailer for Battle Royale Blackout

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This looks...neat? I haven't played a COD game in a long time, and it's been over a year since I've played PUBG, but I still have a bit of an itch for something like this. PUBG's lack of polish drove me away after a while so I'm curious to see if this is worth the price of admission on its own. I doubt I'll play it at 60 bucks, but maybe when it's on sale (although lately COD games have taken forever to appreciably see their price decline).

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So are they selling Cod Character skins because the "i don't like anyone" player model looked like Frank Woods.

If I buy this game, which is unlikely, I could be very persuaded to pay for a Captain Price Skin...

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@mikemcn: I think they said that you will randomly be given a skin from various characters across the black ops franchise(or maybe all of call of duty?) when you spawn in. The various "zones" on the map are mini version of cod maps as well.

This actually looks alright, I hope it is because without campaign and my zero interest in zombies, I need SOMETHING to tempt me here.

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Lot of games coming out I'm keeping an eye on, so I still don't think I'll get this, but that was pretty cool. I generally like the way CoD feels so if I ever decide to dump a ton of time into a battle royale game, this would probably be at the top.

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#5 Posted by JonRambo (39 posts) -

This may get me interested.

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I know people are generally shitting on Call of Duty for chasing Battle Royale Fever, but this could be a very, very cool take on the concept.

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This actually looks pretty cool, the gadgets and stuff could be an interesting addition to the formula.

I'm curious about TTK and bullet drop, though. Sticking with the usual for the series wouldn't work with a Battle Royale formula, but stray to far and it might anger the COD fans that have rigid expectations about how Call of Duty should play. They got up in arms about an addition as simple as wall running, playing with core mechanics too much might anger them further.

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There's certainly a lot of cool stuff in that trailer, but I'm still not totally sold simply because it's unclear what the pace of action will actually be and if Battle Royale can truly work within the Call of Duty framework.

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They certainly put thought into it, I give them that.

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That's a cool trailer but if it's anything like other Battle Royale modes/games you'll spend 90% of your time running around a field and looting houses.

I'm curious how the vehicles will handle considering that's not really CODs forte. At least this will probably have the edge when it comes to shooting.

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This actually looks really cool. I can't believe Im more interested in a COD game than I am a BF game. This might be the BR mode for me. Better shooting than Fortnite and better performance than PUBG

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Not being a zombies mode fan blops 4 just has not interested me. This though has me tuned in and looking forward to hear from people who play the beta.

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Do we want wall-running?


Do we want wingsuits?


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Trendsetter to Mr. Me Too huh?

This actually looks ok. I haven't looked at a COD in a while but it looks pretty sharp too, especially compared to what I've seen of PUBG.

Did they get Sam Worthington back? Ya know, the essentials.

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#15 Posted by NTM (11647 posts) -

The first Call of Duty I don't plan on playing.

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Correction - any Activision game that's not Destiny 2 takes forever to go on sale.


Note, Call of Duty 2 is not unfortunately on sale right btw :(

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#17 Posted by randombullseye (66 posts) -

Looks badass, I thought I was out but this seems to have pulled me right back in. I feel like

I'm usually an every other year call of duty guy.

I like playing a couple rounds ever day, maybe twenty or thirty minutes. Fortnite has become that for me, but I find myself waning on it.

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#18 Posted by cubidog (96 posts) -

I probably won't play the game myself, but I am definitely going to watch some streamers play it. It certainly looks like it could be fun as long as auto aim isn't on. Wouldn't take much skill to kill people if it was on.

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The trailer doesn’t do a great job of showing what this actually plays like other than it’s definitely CoD. That said I think battle royale with CoD shooting sounds pretty great to me. It may be the first battle royale I actually get into.

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My idea of a good Battle Royale game is Arma 3 BR on HC servers. It's slow, tedious, punishing but god damn is it satisfying when you finally get a win. CoD shooting mechanics are stellar, but I'm one of the few people who were already burnt out of Battle Royale by the time PUBG was released. Speeding up the gameplay is nothing but a negative in my book.

All that aside it's a CoD game, and I burnt out of those by MW3. Black ops 2 I bought but barely played. It was the first CoD game which's campaign I didn't finish (or start) and it was also the last CoD game I bought.

To me CoD was a product of its time, and that time has passed. I don't blame the publisher for squeezing every last penny out of a recognized franchise, but it's been years since I even bothered to watch the release trailer for the latest one. With all the multiplayer FPS alternatives out there it's not hard continuing to live on as if the newer Call of Duty titles didn't even exist. It's not like anyone in my social circles or Steam friends list plays them either. I'd compare it to learning there's a new season of The Simpsons coming up. My life will not be impacted by its existence.

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It looks better than I thought but doesn’t solve how CODs super fast quake like twitchy gameplay, with easy kills and deaths because normally you respawn faster than you can think, where all the good players turn their horizontal movement to 10/10 spin 360’s and pray the auto aim gifts them headshots, is gonna adapt to the heal and survive gameplay.

It’s clearly closer to PUB than fort nite and while that’s expected cause it’s friggen COD, it is probably partially because it began development before Fortnight took over. I mean that monkey Bomb thing was the closest thing to personality that trailer had. Everything else sounded like Rogue Warrior . It’s even weird to see COD without Snoop Dogg and 420 jokes and pink guns and custom emblems of big fat bootys and all that shit. They might have assumed because of the earlier success of PUB and its roots in ARMA that gamers wanted things to be super serious again.

The map looks cool.

I think COD is missing the opportunity by not trying to change something about the formula, like being the first ones to say screw it, you’re not gonna have to fall from a plane you’ll spawn randomly in the world, or hey, no looting... or you’ll always drop with your normal load out and perks but can still loot to find guns that go beyond your Pick Ten limit or ones you haven’t unlocked yet.

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#22 Posted by ShadyPingu (1803 posts) -

I don't play these games, but I am so looking forward to GB making dumb videos in this mode.

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#23 Posted by haneybd87 (389 posts) -

@andythemez: How do you know they’re missing the opportunity? We don’t know that much about the mode yet.

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#24 Posted by sparky_buzzsaw (8846 posts) -

I’d like to see more gameplay but that’s certainly a good trailer. Got me interested at the very least.

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#25 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4405 posts) -

@chaser324: Are you telling me you don't expect to be grappling a crane causing a vehicle to drive into a helicopter every play session?

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#26 Posted by langdon_alger (96 posts) -

Anyone have an extra Beta code they're looking to get rid of, I'd sure appreciate it. Thanx

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#27 Edited by pweidman (2845 posts) -

Console versions of the Blackout beta were being streamed today and the mode looked great. Lots of interesting twists on the genre, excellent production values and great performance w/80 player matches on day one. The hard work by the BlackOps devs was very evident imo. PC beta in about 3 days btw. GB stream I hope...would be fun. :-)

EDIT: Blackout beta only on PS4 now, xbox this Friday @10 AM PST, and pc on Saturday 10AM PST. Ends Mon. Sept. 17th 10AM PST for all platforms.

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#28 Posted by BoOzak (2548 posts) -

@pweidman: What are the twists out of curiousity?

I've watched Gamespot stream some of the beta and it looks exactly like pubg with higher production values, which isnt a bad thing by any means but I would hope for something different since i've already played a decent amount of pubg.

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#29 Posted by pweidman (2845 posts) -

@boozak said:

@pweidman: What are the twists out of curiousity?

I've watched Gamespot stream some of the beta and it looks exactly like pubg with higher production values, which isnt a bad thing by any means but I would hope for something different since i've already played a decent amount of pubg.

Well to name just a few from what I watched, there are choppers to fly and shoot from, wingsuit options, a wider array of weaponry of course including rocket launchers, and there are these beams of light that show locations of supply staches but they are surrounded by some pretty hungry zombies so the game goes PvPvE for a bit if you go into, or stumble into those areas.

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I've never been a COD player, but watching the streams last night I got to say it looked very impressive performance seem very stable basically PUBG without the jank. Really surprised how good the vehicle's were, it wouldn't be much stretch to see next years iteration having 64 player conquest.

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