You can now buy MP/Battle Royale mode separately

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#1 Posted by Rorie (5756 posts) -

That's according to the page for the PC version, at least. $30 is kind of steep for just MP/Battle Royale (doesn't include Zombies), but might be worth it for some people. Do these games even have single-player campaigns anymore?

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#2 Posted by Wolfstein_3D (289 posts) -

First thought reading the title's been: "Ah okay so they offer the multiplayer independent of the campaign again" - got it on the second try though :)

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#3 Posted by musclerider (895 posts) -

It's just weird since the game was widely available for around $35 on Black Friday. But I guess if you know you're never going to play zombies then you can go ahead and save the $5

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