Faulty Black Ops 2 Discs

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So my oldest stepson received his pre-ordered copy of Black Ops 2 for the Xbox 360 yesterday from Best Buy. So I boot it up and find the disc to be screwed right up. Physically, the disc is fine, but when it starts playing the intro movie, it starts off with slightly choppy, and then goes completely messed up as the audio does not sync up with the video, and then culminating with a black screen, no sound and no menu in sight. Anyone else have a problem? I tried it on 2 different Xboxes and it is all the same throughout. Anyone else have this issue?

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@razielrioux: I would give it a quick clean regardless, then if it still doesn't work just send it back there would be very little you could do.

I was going to say there might be something wrong with the 360, but if you tried it on 2 systems it's clearly a problem with the disc.

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