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#1 Posted by hoaznod (9 posts) -

Most of my friends have gotten sick of Call of Duty and won't be playing with me this time around. If anyone is on Xbox Live and would like another friend, please send Sekaiwasan a request! I'd be happy just having someone on the stats to try and beat!

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#2 Posted by WrinklyDinosaur (501 posts) -

I'm going to start sometime tonight/tomorrow my Xbox tag is WrinklyDinosaur

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#3 Posted by WaiteyBulger (80 posts) -

Waitey Bulger hit me up man, always need more people to play with and that actually talk

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#4 Posted by Hippie_Genocide (1865 posts) -

XxXCicatrizXxX is my gamertag. I'm pretty horrible though, so if its competition you're after, might wanna look elsewhere. I still like playing though.

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