How is multiplayer/matchmaking on PlayStation 3?

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Hello, all!

So, the frosty, golden-colored drenched Earth has made it to November, and that means a new Call Of Duty!

Now, I've been out of the loop since Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare on the multiplayer front. I did play through a bit of Black Ops and Modern Warfare 2's campaigns, so I'm still well versed in terms of feel. Now, I played those on the Xbox 360, and I really don't want to fork out money for Xbox Live Gold, so how is the game on PlayStation 3 in terms of gameplay, matchmaking, etc.?

Also, I haven't payed attention to this at all, but is there any player customization (outfits and shit)?

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Yesterday, when my brother and I played it, we had one hard lock and that's all. No other issues from what I remember.

However, today my brother stayed out sick (actually sick, mind you, not sick to play CoD) and he says that he's been having connection issues all day. I saw him disconnected from a game earlier. So it's plenty playable but there are issues, and he says they happen often enough to be a problem. To cite him, "like every other game" - a ballpark estimate, but one that lets you know it was quite an annoyance.

Hell of a shame, too. The customization as far as classes and emblems seem better than ever (my brother made a Full Metal Alchemist transmutation circle!) and the multiplayer is pretty fun to me. I say wait until Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales and pick it up for potentially a few dollars less if you've heard reports that it's been fixed.

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I was getting disconnected every second game earlier today and now I cannot even find a match in the Public Games section, it's been a few hours since it worked. I did find a few in the League Play section.

When it worked yesterday it was awesome.

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At the moment it's broken as fuck. If you're lucky enough to get in a game, chances are you'll either get booted out sometime during the match or it'll freeze as soon as the match is over. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying the game when I can play it, it's just virtually unplayable right now,

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Everytime I try to connect I get a messsage "An error has occured while trying to find a session, please try again".  Anyone else getting this message on ps3? Worked fine all yesterday and even this morning  now I can't do a damn thing.  
Gives me time to play campaign I guess.

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I was having a ton of issues but they stopped at about 1am EST and it has been flawless since. During the past 5 hours I've updated twice. Nice to see they are working on this game quickly.

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It's been spotty garbage so far for me.

That being said: I don't think it has anything to do with PS3 versus Xbox. It's that Call of Duty has never had the best net stability.

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