Small MP Tweak is followed by fans' death threats

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.. Earlier today, a patch hit Black Ops II. It was full of typical things you might find in a patch: changes, tweaks and fixes. A few tweaks in particular involved reduced damage on the AN-94, and reduced rate of fire on the DSR as well as the Ballista weapons. Not to belittle how much of a difference these things actually makes for players, but in the big picture, we're talking about a difference of fractions of a second. In a video game. Still, if you take a look at Vonderhaar's replies on Twitter, where he linked to the patch notes, just in the last hour he's received a number of death threats over the patch.

"End your fucking life you cancer cunt i will fuck your daughter," one Tweeter writes. "I hope u die," writes another. "Haha screw @DavidVonderhaar fuk*n up the DSR and Ballista cant fuk*n hit quad feeds now #KillYourself Vonderhaar!!! SERIOUSLY!!" rages yet another player. That's a small sample. Even if all of the response aren't death threats, Vonderhaar is still being inundated with negativity. Responding to the reactions, Vonderhaar Tweeted the following:

David Vonderhaar @DavidVonderhaar

Not sure these fractions of seconds are worth the threats of violence. +

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Kotaku: Death Threats Follow Small Call Of Duty Tweak

ThisIs50: Death Threats Follow Small Call Of Duty Tweak

Have you or your bros been effected by the recent Blops2 guns changes?

Ahm, jeez.. Ghosts looks cool..

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FIrst of all: Shame on you for linking to a Kotaku article.

Second of all: These are Call of Duty fans expressing their feelings on the internet. Would you expect anything else?

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Yep. Sounds like the COD community.

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And here I was thinking about reinstalling Black Ops 2. Good to know there's still completely decent people playing Call of Duty. Yep.

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Shame on you for not calling it Kotatsu and Ghosts look alright but these things will always happen if call of duty is involved.

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The death threats are pretty empty, but these people still suck.

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They should just remove the guns. Otherwise how will the COD babies learn?

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@jakob187 said:

Yep. Sounds like the internet.

Fixed your message for you.

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Yep. Sounds like the COD a video game community.

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And people wonder why the COD player community has such a terrible reputation.

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Yep, sounds like the worst of most online game communities. I've gotten death and rape threats just for beating people in Starcraft before, so I can't say this surprises me. Although the reason behind this does come off as particularly stupid.

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As opposed to death threats they get from haters?

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Fucking League of Legends community

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Basically anything on twitter you can find people saying the worst thing you can imagine.

Not defending it, more of a sad fact

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#16 Posted by ThunderSlash (2594 posts) -

Unfiltered Twitter is on par with Youtube comments in terms of negativity and stupidity.

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Jack Thriller is the man

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Every community has its crazies.

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@cmblasko: But there's just something about the COD kids that brings out the very worst of the internet. It seems to attract everything stupid and evil. COD is the Adam Sandler movies of video games.

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All those people are gonna be real mad when they do the update to replace all bullets with Nerf bullets.

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They should take the very worst people from all the very worst communities (Dota2, LoL, Starcraft, COD, fighting games, etc) and put them on a 16 person reality show.

I bet the parts where they have to interact in person are dreadfully boring, but once they get to be anonymous on the internet in the challenges it will be a laugh riot.

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@vuud said:

@cmblasko: But there's just something about the COD kids that brings out the very worst of the internet. It seems to attract everything stupid and evil. COD is the Adam Sandler movies of video games.

The same thing happens in Halo, League of Legends, Street Fighter and many more games. Any really popular competitive game is going to have its fair share of idiots, COD is nothing special.

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I'm shocked, shocked to find death threats coming from the CoD community.

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Call of Duty fans continue to be massive A** holes online?


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@jakob187 said:

Yep. Sounds like the internet.

Fixed your message for you.

What's funny is League of Legends players don't even get this bad, and they are one of the most toxic communities I know.

I guess that means the LoL community is now #2? They've got some catching up to do.

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