Thoughts on Campaign *possible spoilers

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I have to say that this is the best COD campaign I have played to date. I really liked the decisions you could make and how getting Intel would change certain dialogue during the mission. I actually felt for the characters for the first time and really understood why the bad guy was doing what he was doing. Anyways, those are just my thoughts. What did you guys think?

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I felt the opposite, I thought it was one of the worst (Not that any of the CoD campaigns are truly great). The main reason being the actual unfolding of the story. The premise of a cyberwar is fine and I enjoyed that, but the fact that the main antagonist gets caught then escapes then gets caught then escapes then gets caught again and escapes really left me with the feeling that they didn't find a good way to tell the story. Also, it seems all the missions are in dense cities/villages with tons of buildings and guys spawning from every corner. Felt far too much of enter room and kill 10 guys, run to next room and kill 10 more. But I guess that is what CoD campaign has been for awhile.

I guess I was spoiled by CoD 4 and the Ghillie suit mission. Didn't really find any of the missions stick with me or be as enjoyable in that unique way.

That being said, the Strike Force missions were a welcome change of pace.

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