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Its a good new addition to the series and for once they have actually changed it



Its always nice to see another addition to the COD (call of duty) franchise, lots of people are complaining and hating on the series- including me. about how the game never change, the last time the engine was updated was Call Of Duty: modern warfare 2 (2009). and there have been no differences since.the infinity ward games are all about how Russians & terrorists

Modern warfare: US vs Russia.

Modern Warfare 2: Terrorists cause a war: US vs Russia.

Modern warfare 3: Terrorists take over Russia then attack the US.

see how the story never changes until now. i will not go into into descriptive detail about the campaign as i don't want to spoil it. A man that captured woods at the end of the campaign of Black ops- has command of 2 billion people in a group called Cordies die (cort-is de-a). all these people believe that this man is their savior and are willing to risk there live's for him; when he is actually trying to take over america and the world. Using Americas drone defense force using UAV (unmanned Ariel vehicle) and AGR (automated ground robots). your job as section (David mason), wood's best friend's son is to stop this man and save the world from tyranny.

i won't say anymore about the campaign as i don't want to spoil it as it is a big change to the repetitiveness of other COD games


The Multiplayer has changed a bit, they have added a neat token system that allows you to have 10 Guns, Perks (special abilities), wildcards (cards that help your player) and attachments for your weapon. in this system you can have 10 items selected per class. every time you level up, you get one token. they have added new guns and maps as they have in every COD game so there is nothing new there.

requires a broadband connection and xbox live gold membership to play


In zombies mode there are three game modes- survival, you have to survive infinite amounts of waves with perks in machines and weapons of the walls, and from the mystery box where you can get anything.the second one,the biggest surprise to zombies, grief,allows up to 8 players on two teams of 4, the idea to out last the enemy from the zombie invasion. and probably the most popular one, tranzit, you have to ride on a bus around a city and survive the horde

Requires a broadband connection

Thank you for reading my reviews i hop you liked it, please read more

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