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So like a lot of other I picked up the new DLC (especially for Call of the Dead). Am loving the way they changed it up a bit, the map is pretty big and zip-lines are fun and handy. Ive played through with 3 other people about 12 times and the most we usually get to is about wave 10 - 12 (although we are still exploring and working on strategy. Ive checked out some videos of other playing it online and noticed that a lot of them are on wave 7 or 8 with upgraded PAP weapons like the new Sniper rifle etc. Can help but wonder what I'm doing wrong, by the time I'm at wave 8 I'm as broke as an ugly hooker and sporting a Olympia through frantic desperation and only ever getting pistols and knives from the box. There is no way I have 5k to upgrade anything.
So Giant bombers, what are your hints, tips, tactics for teh new Zombies map "Call of the Dead"?

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I'm still pretty fresh into it, but my tactic isn't too new. Get to the box and get the power on. And dont shoot George

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The early rounds are all about point conservation. Knifing for the extra points in the early rounds is pretty important. Never buy an olympia unless you intend to screw around, plain and simple. the mp5k and mpl are available early and are at least comparable to the other smg's (the best being either the mp40 or ak74u). Obviously you should attempt to be careful and not get George mad too often, but it will inevitably happen sometimes.

In all honestly, you should concentrate on getting juggernaut before you try to pack-a-punch anything. I would also say that a pack-a-punch weapon isn't really needed until later rounds if you are able to control your mob of zombies effectively, and you should only use box weapons for one of your slots (so that you always have a reliable source of ammo on the wall). If you want to watch videos, I would watch videos by the youtube user xcalizorz. 
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Anyone else read the title "Call of the Dead Testicles"? :P

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