Call of duty ghosts new box art

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ahahahahahahaha good one sir. good one.

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This might be the dumbest thing that's made me laugh this hard. Thank you!

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day one purchase

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Fuck. Europe always gets the good box art.

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Goty every year.

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You're an idiot. This the alternative reverse cover.

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Fuck. Europe always gets the good box art.

Bro, Europe doesn't have ESRB. Dis shit is America!

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Pre-order link?

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Finally, Call of Duty will regain the respect it once had.

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Inspiring. Makes me want to get up and fight.

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This might be more appropriate considering recent news.

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You could probably use an alien in there somewhere. Aliens vs Ghosts are the Pirates vs Ninjas of 2013.

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I'm sure this comes as a shock to no one, but locking this down.


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