CoD: Ghosts on Jimmy Fallon

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"Go get em, Riley!"

Well I liked that Jimmys' showing games that appeal directly to his crowd. 'Like the NBA Finals type of crowd. Mm.. Well, Titanfall seems to be coming out until like next year. So this might actually be pretty worth it. We'll see if they stick with the free season pass, like Treyarch did. I doubt it..

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Wow that short demo was very flattering imo. Certainly made Riley seem more badass than anything at E3...and I dunno why.

Maybe through the eyes of casual gamers.

Gonna hafta wait for the next consoles release version though. :(

Gotta be a bundle coming right???

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So Xbox One uses Gen 2 cases, fuck yeah. Now if only Nintendo would get with the times, assuming Sony is consistent of course.

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Looks like a next-gen CoD. I'm perfectly OK with that, though.

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