DF: PS4 FPS problems caused by frame rate HIGHER than 60fps

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This generation is already pretty wired with all the resolution gate stuff, Games that are todl to be 1080P but only after a patch etc But now its getting stranger, According to Digital Foundry the Frame stutter in COD:Ghosts on the PS4 is not caused by a low frame rate but actually because of a too high frame rate

Taking the affected clips and running them through our performance analysis tools, we expected the results to show clear frame-rate drops and small bouts of tearing, but surprisingly this wasn't the case at all, with the results showing us a largely locked 60FPS bar one or two minor dips and a solitary torn frame.

Furthermore, when seeking through the footage in performance-affected areas we were confronted with unique frames on a consistent basis, thus indicating a 60fps update that we just didn't feel when playing the game.

So just what is going on? Well, a close look at our captures reveals that Call of Duty: Ghosts actually runs at higher frame-rates than 60fps on a fairly frequent basis, despite the video output being limited to 60Hz


How can you not notice that.. What were these devs doing

@xyzygy It is just a bad habbit of me . I am mostly doing it with relative unimportant more funny stuff not in real serious conversations. I laugh a lot in real life maybe that is why. I really don't know^^

edit: Time for Polygon to change the PS4 COD score right guys?^^

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Just a question - when you put ^^ at the end of every paragraph you write, what does that mean?

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Darji is my favorite system wars soldier.

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@groin said:

Darji is my favorite system wars soldier.

This is not really system wars. It just shows how "fucked" and strange this generation already is and will be. It still makes the PS4 Version a bad experience if it causes these problems. But now we at least know why these exist on PS4 and also on the PC.

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.What's the point of QA, when stuff like this goes unnoticed.

@xyzygy: Those are upside down fangs, it means he is a vampire.

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I wonder if they didn't implement vsync correctly. Admittedly, I didn't watch the whole video, and I don't make a living off of this stuff like the Digital Foundry folks. But if you just turn plain-old-vsync on for a game, it's entirely possible to destroy your framerate. This article explains it far better than I can, but the basic point is that if you sync at every 60th frame, and you're outputting more than 60 FPS, the framerate can and will plummet unless you have double/triple buffering happening as well.

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@darji said:
edit: Time for Polygon to change the PS4 COD score right guys?^^

Arthur mentioned in the comments section that he will update the score as soon as Activision fixes the controller latency issues that the FPS variance introduces.

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