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Excuses to leave optimized.

More detailed writing coming but I felt it necessary to point out things about the PC version that would have prevented me from purchasing the game at launch.

I have loved the CoD series and have avidly played every previous game online with MW2 being my favorite, clocking in over 200 hours. I personally only play on PC online for controlling reasons and one of the most important things to point out is how with the new consoles are coming out, the team used this as an excuse to reduce the amount of optimization. Graphical errors ranging from the amusing to the kind that will drop your K/D. This is in addition to inconsistent game performance which could not be attributed to personal hardware performance.

When combined with the loss of game modes and convoluted Multiplayer decisions, plenty of which are described in Jeff's review, the game feels like a gigantic disappointment. It's worth pointing out that the game still has solid mechanics and gameplay which should be expected from a Call of Duty game. I feel this game is pretty solid proof that without Jason West and Vince Zampella, Infinity Ward has no solid direction. I never thought I would say this but Treyarch appears to be the superior CoD developer if they continue to produce titles to the quality of BLOPS 2.

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