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I'm a hypocrite. Call of Duty has been dead to me since MW2, a game I hated with a passion. Black Ops, MW3, Black Ops 2, have done nothing to change that. Yet I have put countless hours into these games, MW3 and BO2 especially. One of the main reasons, is the fact that my friends insist that the online is worth playing, even though they rage as much as I do. I really disliked BO2, but it had a great campaign, and the addictiveness of zombies to keep me around. This one...doesn't.

Lets start with the campaign. This game is gigantic ripoff of Homefront and the movie that inspired it, Red Dawn. Red Dawn is one of my favorite movies, and Homefront was a great game. I tell people that this is a rip off of Homefront, and they say, GOOD THING I LIKED THAT GAME.

Lets get this straight, even if you loved Homefront, this is NOT Homefront, or Red Dawn. This game fails on every concievable level from a campaign standpoint. Modern Warfare became the benchmark in campaign design, and every Infinity Ward game tries its hardest to reach that level. But fails. Good things work once, maybe twice, but definitely not four times.

The story is boring, the campaign is bland, and everything runs together. Acting can be horrible at times, and every reveal is a WTF moment of the worst calibur. Not that you weren't expecting it, but because it was so obvious and poorly done. You do not get attached to any character, ever. The protagonist is a silent fucking hero, your brother and father are never faltering people, the bad guy is a muscular beast, your squadmates have no personality, the emotional beats are there, but never well done, and overall, this is the WORST campaign I have ever played in a COD game. Seriously.

Now multiplayer. Its okay. You have less health then any game before, maps are bigger, and you have the ability to get as spawn killed as every other COD game. This is in no way a revolution of multiplayer. Its not fun. That is for sure. In fact, it is so much like other COD games, and yet still worse, I don't even get it. Every COD game has the ability to make me appreciate the ones before it. Mainly because they keep getting WORSE. Black Ops 2, I'm sorry for hating you. MW3, please lets make amends. Black Ops, you were awesome. MW2...I still fucking hate you.

Extinction mode is a stand in for Zombies. Thats it. And its not even as fun as zombies. There you go.

The only thing stopping me from giving this a 1 star is the fact that I haven't put enough time in multiplayer, so there is always a chance that I could come back and give this a re-review a few months on. But for now, this is an awful game. If you've played a COD, you know what to expect.

Please Activision...PLEASE...GIVE YOUR FUCKING COMPANY TIME TO WORK ON THIS FUCKING SERIES. (For anyone noticing my higher reviews of AC games, please note, I have yet to review AC3, which will be about as angry as this one)

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