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Ok. So I love nothing more than a well written review. I think there are some great user-reviews out there, however in the interest of people will very little time and or ADD or ADHD here are what I’m calling SPEED REVIEW: Call of Duty Modern Warfare2

The Bad:

-Lack of Dedicated Servers
-IWnet should use the party system and then matchmaking to match groups of people up with well performing servers
-Over-the-top story, sometimes a little too much
-Short campaign
Did I mention the lack of Dedicated Servers?

The Good:

-Good graphics
-Great sound
-Fun single player campaign
-Awesome multiplayer as usual
-IWnet party feature is nice
-Spec Ops? Nice addition, good for some quick fun. And playable with a friend.

Ok, so there you have a very concise, terse, albeit not very detailed review.  So let me just conclude with this: If you liked Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Buy this game. However understand that the lack of dedicated servers is starting to become an issue. There will be matches where the lag is just insane and makes it unplayable. There are cheaters, everywhere. And the community for this game isn’t as alive as it was for COD 4. However, buy the game, keep bitching to Infinity Ward about the lack of dedicated servers, which could clear a lot of the air concerning the issues with IWnet and have fun.

Quick Mention: The story is short, I would suggest playing through it twice to feel like you got your money’s worth. Also, spec ops is a lot of fun with a close friend.

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