Any Info on the First MW3 DLC?

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Has anyone come across information on the first bit of MW3 DLC? I recall them saying that there were something like 20 pieces of DLC that would be released (to those who had the online pass, at least) each month. It'll have been a month in a few days and I haven't even seen the first hints of them promoting anything upcoming. (And when it does, I sure hope it's a more compelling map or something and not just something idiotic like a 360 avatar item).

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It's been said somewhere that they won't start it till January. With 20 pieces of DLC then that works out around a piece every 2 weeks till the next release.

The concept sounds good but i have appreciated the magic of "map packs". 1 map at a time kinda seems underwhelming.... unless the dlc features other things that are not maps and a "map pack" can be considered 1 individual piece which would be nice.

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Problem I still have with map packs is that their value is diminished with each release. Since these games are generally replaced every year by the next iteration, the first map pack only has 75% of the game life left. Then 50%. Then 25%. I'd rather get a map every two or four weeks, frankly.

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i think the "map at a time" deal is only for those who have paid for Elite. otherwise, you're getting them in a pack.

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