CoD Servers Are Down and It's Incredibly Weird

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Where were you when the CoD servers went down? I was sitting at work, noticing how we (as a gaming center) are not very busy because the CoD servers are down.

In turn, I've found solace in this one revelation: console gamers FLIP THE FUCK OUT if a game's servers go down. As someone who play League of Legends and The Old Republic...and has played MMOs for a long time, it's kind of weird to see people flip shit so hard like they are on the Call of Duty forums right now.

However, there's a purpose in my post: it's not very often that a console game has these kinds of crazy ass server issues. I mean, there are people that haven't gotten on for almost four hours with Call of Duty, and that is a game that is basically "always on".

Therefore, my question is this: what is the longest you've had to wait for a server to come back up from going down, and what did you do in the meantime?

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Being a console gamer, I don't really experience it that often like you mentioned. The only time I can remember is when PSN had those crazy issues and was down for weeks, apart from that I can't remember anything significant.

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