ideas for Hrdened and Prestige editions...

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So what do you think the (sure to come) Hardened  & Prestige editions will consist of... maybe an actual firearm for Prestige edition this year... 
EDIT: also what type of DLC could it have? extra mp maps, avatar crap...
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An authentic barreta replica or something with a laser sight?
The hardened one will be a stupid art book again.

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I want a statue of Captain Price, or at the least, fake Captain Price mustache.

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maybe, a replica of a scud missile...
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what about DLC... extra mp maps?
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Some Fisher Price toy that has been painted in military colours so it makes it look all tough and shit.

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maybe some fake WW III documentaries on dvd WOULD BE KIND OF COOL
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#8 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

Price's hat

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