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Wow! Lag in this game is bad. I know this is nothing new, but does anyone know if IW is going to do something about this? I don't think I've ever been so frustrated with a game before. It bugs me that I'm having fun running around and then I start to shoot a guy, but he kills me. Then according to the kill cam I never fired a shot. Or I'm apparently a second behind everyone else. I just can't help but feel robbed of my kills, I'm not losing because of my lack of skill, but because of the connection. I'm typically at three or four bars!

Thoughts concerns?

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Welcome to Call of Duty multiplayer.

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You'll actually perform better if you add some latency to your connection. They changed something with the net code in this game to help out people with laggy connections. A creepy voiced guy explains it here:

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@Unknown_Pleasures said:

Welcome to Call of Duty multiplayer.

amen to that man. the lag effect is so much worse in this one than previouse games. i jump like 15ft to the side at times -_-'. doenst help my house mate is caning the bandwidth watching NFL mind

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