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Has anyone put together stats and tips on multiplayer in MW3? I'm late to the party on MW3, not played MW2 in many years and i'm in dire need to catch up quickly. Looking for images of the maps, break down of weapons. Things of that nature. Thanks.

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I don't know if there's a reason to take MW3 that seriously. Just play the maps, learn the flow of them and shoot dudes. I'm usually always just running around and shooting dudes and I top fragged pretty much every game and got called a hacker multiple times.

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Don't obsess over weapon stats, they're usually meaningless anyways, just use the gun that you like the most.

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this guy's (below) in depth series will fill you in on weapon stats as the meters in game are meaningless for the most part,


and just play the maps or if you want you can jump into spec ops survival mode to get a feel for the layout of the maps without getting steamrolled online by some not so friendly people.

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