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I just swung up a copy of MW3 during the Boxing Day sales here, and am about to jump into MP.

Now, my smurf/fun/drunk PSN account name is xXMLGxD0UCH3F4GXx, for use whenever I'm not feeling like stats tracking or K-D whoring. In fact, I usually end up playing on this account anyway just for kicks.

In Modern Warfare 2, I did this:

  • SCAR-H XMags or Intervention (maybe Thermal)
  • SPAS-12 Grip
  • Marathon Pro
  • Stopping Power Pro
  • Ninja Pro
  • Claymore

And ran around SPAS-ing people like a "douche-fag", or trolling my team in SnD by firing where the bomb (carrier) is, just to annoy those "hardcore" 12-year-olds who play and scream incessantly into the mic.

How would I go about this in MW3, i.e. what is the most obnoxious/cheap class that you've ever made or seen someone use that would suit my tag? I don't want to be levelling unnecessary weapons on an alt account.

P.S. My normal ID is close to my Whiskey ID, don't worry. I try not to be a loser except when trolling people.

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