M.O.A.B! 53-7 on Seatown

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#1 Posted by thered (88 posts) -

So this was my first M.O.A.B with an SMG let me know if you like it. I try to teach you guys some basic strategy as well as just where to go on each map. Also as I've said in my previous posts if there is a specific gun or class you want to see me use just leave a comment here or on youtube thanks everyone enjoy.

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#2 Posted by Vaancor (258 posts) -

Nice vid, makes me want to work on my SMG class some more.

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#3 Posted by thered (88 posts) -

@Vaancor: yeah the mp7 is an amazing gun just make sure to either run scavenger or have the specialist class to get scavenger because your ammo is very limited

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