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Good, Expected Effort but Need to Change Gameplay Fast!

The first time most of us ever played COD, and started going on about how great of a war franchise it was was arguably around the time when Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released, the original of the series. Everybody loved Price, Soap and especially Gaz for the campaign, and the multiplayer boosted it along, with everybody wanting to get to Prestige. Not to mention the fantastic graphics, gameplay and action-packed storyline that soon became a boy's best friend. But eventually, over the years, the series struggled in some little aspect. Everybody has their own opinion of a game, but people like me found World of War's campaign to be a letdown, and below MW1, and I praised MW2 for Spec Ops, the multiplayer and campaign was new and repaired and it had the feel of MW1, even better. Black Ops I also liked. I liked the Zombies mode for a week, before I got sick of it and came up with a list of different reasons on why it was bad. But I found the campaign interesting from Reznov's return to the role of government conspiracies, and mind control. But now I can honestly say, while I did spend an entire week getting up to Prestige, making a clan with my mates with COD Elite, enjoyed campaign, multiplayer and Spec Ops, and loved the new Survival mode, it is getting far too repetitive, and unless a major gameplay move is altered, me and most people I'm guessing will lose interest. I mean I'm too used to all the game modes being released now, and all the campaign levels, and all the Spec Ops missions, that I just want something original. Maybe it's because they're releasing games too quickly, but I'm now more of a Battlefield fan simply because they've added vehicles, larger, expanded maps, buildings that blow apart when assaulted by a helicopter. These are the elements COD could have improved. A solid game though, loved the campaign like always, spec ops was enjoyful once again, multiplayer good, and Survival was brilliant, it's like all my recommendations on how they could have made Zombies better has been produced into Survival. A solid 7/10 or 3 and a half stars. I might be a bit strict in this rating, but games you can play repeatedly and not get bored by like Skyrim, Revelations, Red Dead, Fallout are more appealing to me then a day-to-finish game.

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