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    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 10, 2009

    Treyarch ports Infinity Ward's insanely popular shooter Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare to the Nintendo Wii, adding Wiimote aiming and motion controls to the game, as well as co-op play.

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    Call of Duty 4

    The game is a complete port of the original.
    The game is a complete port of the original.

    Originally, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare was released for the PC, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Nintendo DS. Unlike previous games in the series, Modern Warfare leaves the WWII setting for a modern day setting. The game went on to be the most successful Call of Duty game ever made, selling well over 10 million copies, receiving high scores from many game journalist publications.

    For more information on the game, please visit our page for the original game.


    Using only a small budget, the game was completely rebuilt from the ground up for the Wii.
    Using only a small budget, the game was completely rebuilt from the ground up for the Wii.

    Because the engine in which Call of Duty 4 ran was not compatible with the Wii, Treyarch had to completely remake the engine for it to run on the console.

    Because the Wii's RAM was lower than the other consoles, the game could not load full levels at one time like the HD versions did. Treyarch instead segmented the levels so that different parts could "stream in" as the player progressed through the level.

    Real-time lighting was dropped in favor of pre-baked lighting effects, using colored textures and polygonal shadows to create the illusion of real-time lighting to both save on budget and time. Wii Speak support was also not added, although the game's full online multiplayer mode remains intact. Using inspiration from games like The Conduit, the Wii remote controls are now fully customizable.


    A scene from Call of Duty 4 running on Wii.
    A scene from Call of Duty 4 running on Wii.

    After Treyarch completed development of Call of Duty 5, rumours started to appear talking about Infinity Ward's unhappiness about other developers handling their games. In the past, Infinity Ward has usually made the numbered Call of Duty games, while Treyarch handled the ports to consoles, which the number was removed for a subtitle, to differentiate the games from Infinity Ward's titles.

    After debating the issue, Infinity Ward convinced Activision to rename Call of Duty 5 into Call of Duty: World at War, dropping it's numbered moniker. Infinity Ward was also not pleased with Call of Duty 3, which they also didn't develop, getting a numbered title. In fact, the PC version of Call of Duty 4's executable file for starting the game has the name of Call of Duty 3.

    After development of Call of Duty: World at War ended, Treyarch began working on the port of Call of Duty 4 for the Nintendo Wii. Activision, who published Infinity Ward's Modern Warfare 2 the same year, did not do any press for the game, and only released a handful of pre-alpha screens, much to Treyarch's dismay. Treyarch's logo was also removed from the opening of the game, allegedly at Infinity Ward's request.

    The release of the game was a surprise to many, who did not know the game existed prior to it getting an official press release a couple days before it was scheduled to be released.


    People were somehow surprised when a Wii game wasn't as good looking as its seventh-gen counterpart.
    People were somehow surprised when a Wii game wasn't as good looking as its seventh-gen counterpart.

    Upon announcement and release, although a technically proficient port for it's budget, the game was bashed by critics for being a low quality port, citing graphical, feature, and control shortcomings to other Wii games in the genre.

    Although the original game was intact, the graphics were downgraded to sub-Wii levels, leading journalists to criticize the game for having dated graphics in comparison of other Wii games. The game also doesn't make use of Wii Speak, which also brought up complaints from players and critics.

    Some reports of crashing when the game connected to the internet were also reported, but the incidents were rare. The game uses the Wii remote, along with the nunchuk, the former of which is usually talked about as a faster and more intuitive way of playing first person shooters, and featured an extremely customizable control scheme, but it's complexity turned many gamers off to using the default schemes, which were criticized for "not feeling right".

    Upon release, the game received minimal market advertisement and presence, with only a few ads and posters placed in stores, along with coverage on the Nintendo Channel. It sold 81,000 units on it's first month on North American retail, with an average playtime of 24 hours and 55 minutes.

    Golden Weapons

    If anyone playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex and thought they saw people with golden camouflage, your eyes were correct. Getting golden camouflage is very simple. For each weapon group you can get one golden weapon, here are a list of the weapons that you may get the golden camouflage for:

    Golden AK-47Complete all Assualt Rifle Challenges
    Golden Desert EagleReach Level 55 Commander
    Golden DragunovComplete all Sniper Challenges
    Golden M1014Complete all Shotgun Challenges
    Golden M60E4Complete all LMG Challenges
    Golden Mini-UziComplete all SMG Challenges

    Single Player Cheats

    When you complete the campaign for the first time on any difficulty, you unlock the cheats menu, heres a list of each cheat and how they're unlocked:

    A Bad YearFind 15 Intel
    Cluster BombsFind 10 Intel
    CoD NoirFind 02 Intel
    Infinite AmmoFind 30 Intel
    PaintballFind 08 Intel
    Photo-NegativeFind 04 Intel
    Slow-Mo AbilityFind 20 Intel
    Super ContrastFind 06 Intel

    Online Multiplayer Unlockables

    Here is a list of unlockables, on multiplayer mode, attain the required level to unlock the reward, perk, or gun.

    • 3x Frag (Perk Slot 1) - Level 41
    • AK-47U - Level 28
    • Bandolier (Perk Slot 1) - Level 32
    • Barret .50 Cal - Level 49
    • Bomb Squad (Perk Slot 1) - Level 14
    • Boot Camp Challenges 1 - Level 09
    • Boot Camp Challenges 2 - Level 15
    • Boot Camp Challenges 3 - Level 18
    • Clan Tag - Level 12
    • Claymores - Level 23
    • Create-a-Class - Level 04
    • Dead Silence (Perk Slot 3) - Level 44
    • Demolitions Class - Level 02
    • Desert Eagle - Level 43
    • Double Tap (Perk Slot 2) - Level 29
    • Dragunov - Level 22
    • Eavesdrop (Perk Slot 3) - Level 35
    • Elite Challenges - Level 51
    • Elite Challenges 2 - Level 53
    • Elite Challenges 3 - Level 54
    • G3 - Level 25
    • G36C - Level 37
    • Golden Desert Eagle - Level 55
    • Gun Challenges - Level 05
    • Humiliation Challenges 1 - Level 42
    • Humiliation Challenges 2 - Level 45
    • Humiliation Challenges 3 - Level 47
    • Humiliation Challenges 4 - Level 48
    • Humiliation Challenges 5 - Level 50
    • Iron Lungs (Perk Slot 3) - Level 26
    • Killer Challenges 1 - Level 30
    • Killer Challenges 2 - Level 33
    • Killer Challenges 3 - Level 36
    • Killer Challenges 4 - Level 39
    • Last Stand (Perk Slot 3) - Level 08
    • M1014 - Level 31
    • M14 - Level 46
    • M1911 - Level 16
    • M21 - Level 07
    • M4 Carbine - Level 10
    • M60E4 - Level 19
    • Martyrdom - Level 17
    • Mini-Uzi - Level 13
    • MP44 - Level 52
    • New Playlists - Level 06
    • Operations Challenges 1 - Level 21
    • Operations Challenges 2 - Level 24
    • Operations Challenges 3 - Level 27
    • Overkill (Perk Slot 2) - Level 38
    • P90 - Level 40
    • Prestige Mode - Level 55
    • R700 - Level 34
    • Sleight of Hand (Perk Slot 2) - Level 20
    • Sniper Class - Level 03
    • UAV Jammer (Perk Slot 2) - Level 11

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