Thoughts on the 2v2 Alpha?

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#1 Posted by Pezen (2394 posts) -

Tried a few rounds last night and I have to say I am pretty pleasantly surprised. At it’s core it feels very CoD, but the sound design and something about the weapons just feel heavier, punchier, than before. It’s not Battlefield type of weight in your character necessarily, but I am getting less of a feeling of running around weightless in this one than previous CoDs. So far I am quite enjoying it, and I’ll be curious to see how it shakes out.

Anyone else tried it and have thoughts on it?

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#2 Posted by JonRambo (42 posts) -

Good to hear. I haven’t played it myself but am liking the look of it. I’ve been waiting for a good pvp FPS to pick up. I’m not big on the Battle Royale games and games like Destiny 2 just require more grinding than I’m interested in.

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I quite enjoyed it. I'm not sure if Gunfight will pull me away from regular MP once the game launches but I think it's a really cool mode. The game itself feels much like you described, distinctly Call of Duty but trying to be more thoughtful about recoil and how a weapon would behave when you fire it. Not to say it's trying to be a realistic shooter but just slightly moving away from your guns being recoil-less damage hoses at all ranges that we had been seeing from more recent instalments.
I loved the MK.2 lever action rifle and the Desert Eagle (GS.50?) particularly. Really fun and rewarding weapons to play and land kills with.

The most important thing this Alpha succeeded to do in my eyes is make me excited (although I already was to begin with) for the full game. I'm really interested to mess around with the gunbench/create-a-class and tool around with the different ways you can modify the weapons.

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I probably won't spend too much time with gunfight in the final release, but between how good the game feels with its chunky recoil and them going for Battlefield's throat with the bigger maps, I'm kinda excited?

I've generally kept up with COD at a few years' delay, playing them cheap or free via PS Plus. If reviews are good though, I might jump on this a lot sooner.

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#5 Posted by nateandrews (115 posts) -

I'm really impressed by the sound design and how the weapons feel. Call of Duty for the most part has not had great sounding gunfire, an issue that I feel has gotten way worse in the last few games. This is a huge step up already.

Super excited for the full game. I can't imagine I'll ever play Gunfight again since the mode seems entirely pointless, but I'm glad I got to check out part of the experience.

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#6 Posted by BoOzak (2689 posts) -

I didnt like the mode but the game might be okay. I was never the biggest fan of the original Modern Warfare though so i'm not sure this game was ever going to win me over.

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#7 Posted by MightyDuck (2049 posts) -

I thought it was a neat unique mode that I could see myself jumping into from time to time. I'm more excited for the revamped "ground war."

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