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Why Wont This Series Die??

So this is call of duty 5 I think, or it might be CoD 7 for all I know. Well what I do know is that this game is NOT good. Strap in for another rant.  
So the broken Call Of Duty series returns for another round of shit, calling themselves World at War this time. Well back to boring old world war 2, its like they've ruined the one good idea Cod had which was modernizing things. Well there are a bunch of cunts out there who think this game is good, but while they're busy wacking it to saving private ryan and playing this pile of shit I'm glad to say I wont be.  
So the game has the generic WW2 campaign, which I'm not going to start on, because its all the same: go here, shoot germans. 5 hours later: go here, shoot the japanese, and rinse and fucking repeat. Well I hadn't thought the single player would be worth a fuck anyway so I started up this nazi zombies thing and promptly lost faith in gamers and developers world wide. Dont get me wrong, I like the style, I just think its fucking terribly executed. So while this game tries in every way to call itself realistic, its not. People stop saying this shit is somehow realistic, its no more realistic than a war movie. Its pathetic.  
Anyway, the gameplay. well here you go: ITS FUCKING AWFUL. The guns, oh my god, the fucking guns, they sound like shit, everything sounds like shit in this game, and when shit kills in 3 or 4 shots the game no longer takes skill it takes ADD and alot of caffeine, so stop glorifying yourself you cunt at the top of the board, all you did was spray and pray and piss yourself ocasionally. The multiplayer is an utter failure, its shit from the ground up. I've said this before: there shouldnt be one or two guns you unlock later on that are the only good guns in the game, and the fucking maps are such shit that it became unplayable. Seriously, treyarch, just fucking shoot yourselves, you cant make shit. neither can fucking activision for that matter.  
The soundtrack is the usual war themes which are so terrible your ears bleed red white and blue for three hours after playing it and the voice acting was all done by one big guy with brain damage. Save for keifer sutherland he was sexy.  
In short its short, short campaign shitty multiplayer and another worthless fucking game shit out by a worthless fucking company. 

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