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Call of Duty: World at War, improving the past

Call of Duty 5 goes back to a world at war setting and this is probably one of the best world at war 1st person shooter i have played and that is alot.

Campaign:  I played through the campaign on veteran mode and this took forever. Veteran mode was so hard that it was hard to enjoy the campaign. This made the game way more rewarding when you get past a part that you have died on many times but it still gets pretty boring. There is a reasonable hardest difficulty on games but I think ths game is way to hard on veteran, for example the enemys throw way to many gernades one time there was 3 guys left on a level and 7 gernades came flying at me lets at least be realistic here. Other than the hard difficulty the story mode was enjoyable. I will leave the nazi zombie mode for you to figure it out as it was very fun for me.

Mulitplayer: The multiplayer componet for Call of Duty 5 is very similiar to Call of Duty 4 but that is not a bad thing at all you will most likely spend most of your time leveling up online.

Sumarry: COD:WOW is a very enjoyable game even though the WWII genre gets very boring this game is a little bit better than the rest. You will most likely enjoy this game no matter who you are

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