Call Of Duty Weekend on Steam (50% off except Blops and MW3)

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to celebrate the CoD expo thing (i guess) Steam's weekend deal is the whole Call Of Duty series... unfortunately not all with the same discount. Black Ops STILL only has 33% off (lol), the rest have 50% off. Probably the best deal is the CoD Warchest, with CoD1, the expansion United Offense and Cod 2 for 15bucks. World At War is also on sale for 50%, just mentioning because its not on sale a lot for some reason. And of course, MW1 and 2.
Black Ops, even tho has the shittier deal, does have a free multiplayer weekend, if youre into that :) And if you pre-order MW3 during this you get MW1 (giftable) free. Thats about it. For me its probably the Warchest (been wanting to replay CoD2 for ages) and World At War.

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