any one else picking this up?

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i most likely will tomorrow but i was wondering if anyone else will be getting it.. im getting it cause i have never played a wild west shooter and i think it will be fun :P

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#2 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

Already a thread more or less about the same thing, but yea I have it preordered.  Before today Gamestop said they were shipping today (got free overnight shipping), but it hasn't shown shipped yet or even processing.  They do that sometimes, so I'm not too worried.  Even if I get it a day late, whatever.

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o.. i didnt see any topic that looked like a thread of who is getting it so i made one just to see if more people where intrested in it so that i could see if there will be some online community...

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#4 Posted by JoelTGM (5784 posts) -

I just pre-purchased it off steam earlier today.  $49.99, and they got a deal going on where if you pre-purchase it you get the original Call of Juarez for free.  So I've been playing that a lot to pass the time while I wait for tomorrow.

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#5 Posted by EgoCheck616 (820 posts) -

Day 1 purchase for me. I am incredibly excited for this game, in spite of common belief I really enjoyed the first game.
Just bought the album from band who did the song for the trailer.

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#6 Posted by CL60 (17117 posts) -

I may.

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