So excited about this game (maybe)

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I had no idea that a sequel was even in the works...I've only gotten through half of the original and I can't say that it's impressed me that much. I'd rather see a sequel to Gun.

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COJ: BB is a prequel apparently. New storyline.

Never played Gun but I heard good and bad things about it.

Quite liked Red Dead Revolver on PS2.

If somebody made a Wild West MMO, I would be there WITH BELLS ON.

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i loved the first one and cant wait for the next one to come out.

That looks exactly like a young reverend ray to the left. They talked alot about Ray's past in the first one, maybe this will answer all the questions ive had.

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Oh yeah, I can sort of see that.

I played the Xbox 360 version and if there was great example of a bleedingly obvious PC port game, that was it.

Although, there were awesome parts to it. The way Ray's and the kid's story intertwined and overlapped was well done. And the draw shootouts were nice.

But there's so many other things a Wild West game should be doing. How about using a saloon as a base of operations? Play cards in the saloon? Or visit the blacksmith for weapon upgrades? Or the Cavalry come through town hunting Indians and they're all a bunch of assholes? And there's shootout competitions and you own cattle and you have to get enough money to build a house on the outskirts of town and there's outlaws causing trouble and you have to sort it out?


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