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A mercenary for hire, Nord is encountered by the main player on 4 occasions during the game. He is first met on the planet Taris in an undercity cantina where he dispatches of several barflies after slowly counting up to three. After the cutscene the player may talk to Nord as he leaves but doing so will cause Nord to begin counting. Every time the player responds on the dialogue tree he will increase his count by one with the player able to simply apologize and leave at any moment. Should he reach three, the player will fight Nord but cannot defeat him. The second encounter occurs when the player is enlisted by criminal leader Davik Kang as a ploy to steal Kang's starship, the Ebon Hawk. The player is escorted by Nord to their accomadations. When the player chooses to break into Kang's shuttle bay, they encounter Kang and Nord guarding the Ebon Hawk. Upon defeating them, a cutscene shows Davik dying and Nord being crushed by falling debris. Left for dead, the player escapes upon the Hawk. While the player undergoes the Jedi Trials on the planet Dantooine, it is revealed that Nord is in fact  alive and is now being hired by Darth Malak to pursue Bastilla Shan, an ally of the player. The final encounter occurs after the player discovers the first of four star maps. The player engages Nord and Calo is finally killed.

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