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Calvin Tucker's Redneck Jamboree is a party game for up to four players. It consists of six mini-games with five bonus unlockable mini games. There are four characters to play, and six to unlock. A total of ten, five male and five female. This game features a "Jamboree" mode, and a "Quick Play" mode. In "Jamboree" mode, you can either play through all of the mini-games you have unlocked, or choose four events. You earn bottle caps based on your rank in these games to use for purchase of unlockable items. In "Quick Play" you choose one event, however you do not earn bottle caps in this mode. 


Every year the good people of Redneck County get together to compete in the Calvin Tucker Redneck Jamboree. Here, the family who wins the most bottle caps and become champions of the Jamboree are given the title of "The Greatest Family" for a year, and will receive the privilege of living in "The Big Trailer" full of Redneck luxuries. 


The game will have you pitted against either three of your friends or AI controlled players. You can choose from between four playable characters to begin with, and a total of ten when all unlocked later. 
Jefferson participating in Mower Racing     
Jefferson participating in Mower Racing     

Stock Characters


-Billy Bob


Unlockable Characters



-Mary Lou


There is a total of twelve mini-games. Five are unlockable, costing anywhere from 50-150 bottle caps to purchase. Each mini-game is timed, and can be played on either Wuss, Fair, or Crazy difficulty level. When playing these mini-games in Jamboree mode you will receive an amount of bottle caps dependent on your rank in that game, and what difficulty level you are on. 

Backyard Shooting - Use the Wii-mote to aim, and B to fire. Hit everything that moves on the screen to earn various point values. Hit several things in a row without missing to gain a multiplier and earn bonus points. Gold bottles and cans are worth bonus points.

Dynamite Fishing - In this game you throw dynamite in a lake in order to kill the most amount of fish possible. The Nunchuck's analog stick is used to aim. To throw you hold down the A button and fling your arm to send the dynamite flying into the lake.
Backyard Shooting
Backyard Shooting

Mower Racing - Ride your mower to the finish using the Nunchucks analog stick to move forward, and waving the Wii-mote side to side to turn. Avoid the obstructions in your path to avoid having to take three seconds getting the motor running again to continue forward. Hit the animals for a five second time bonus.

Outhouse Hunting - Use the Wii-mote like a flashlight to search for the outhouse at night before you run out of time. Avoid the animals who will knock off your flashlight. In the event your flashlight falters, wave the wii-mote to get it up and running again.

Bottle Opening Contest - Wave the Nunchuck to bring a bottle to your rednecks mouth, select a spot to open it with A, then wave the Wii-mote to open the bottle.
Bottle Opening Contest 
Bottle Opening Contest 
Open as many bottles as you can in the time limit. Avoid opening all bottles in the same spot or your teeth will break and you will no longer be able to open bottles in that section of your redneck's mouth. 

Toilet Seat Throwing - Move your redneck from side to side, then hold A and fling the Wii-mote to toss your toilet seat as close to the plunger as you can. One point for getting withing the red circle, three points for hitting the plunger, and five points of getting your toilet seat around the plunger. 

Cow Lottery - Place your marker on the grid then click next to let the cow loose. Based on random chance, hope the cow will drop his poop on your part of the grid. This game is played in between every mini-game in Jamboree mode. 

Unlockable Mini-Games

Quick Saw Contest - Pull the Wii-mote back and forth to saw through logs as quickly as possible.
Lets Barricade
Get Off My Lawn
Jackola Brewer
Sound Safari - Listen for distinct animal noises through the Wii-mote speaker, and click on the area you think the animal is hidden in.


The game also features four Joke and Fact packs. When purchased for twenty-five bottle caps, these packs will add more jokes and facts to the loading screens in between mini-games. 

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