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    Cammy was introduced in Super Street Fighter II as the second female character. Since then Cammy has become a mainstay for the franchise appearing in the Alpha games and some of the versus games.

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    Cammy first made an appearance as one of the four new characters in Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers. She is also the only one of these newly introduced characters to make appearances in many other Street Fighter games including some vs. games and the Alpha games. Her next significant role in a game that added story to her character was the Street Fighter Alpha Series.


    In Street Fighter Alpha 2 after the final fight with Bison, he explains how Cammy was never meant to be so powerful and proceeds to activate a ‘ Psycho Limiter’ that was placed inside of Cammy. The following is an excerpt from the ending after Bison activates this device in Cammy.

    “Everything is wrapped in a white light. This meeting…Her recovered memories. Cammy gets a new memory implant recovered from the Shadaloo base, finally knowing her true power as an assassin. This experiment has truly succeeded expectations! Begin M project release preparations. Muhahaha!! She could destroy an entire country alone!”

    In the introduction for Cammy in Street Fighter Alpha 3 it is said that Cammy is now a full fledged brainwashed assassin for Shadaloo that has been enhanced by biotechnology. However it is implied that Shadaloo has not perfected their control over her mind. In a brief sequence Cammy has an encounter with Dhalsim where they exchange some words. While Cammy is standing by to measure Dhalsim’s fighting data he looks into her mind and questions her motives, suggesting that her suppressed mind is trying to come out. With this Cammy demands Dhalsim to leave her alone and she continues on her fighting path, her mind slowly breaking free of Bison’s mind control.

    Latter, Cammy is caught off guard when she meets Vega and he explains that he has been sent by M. Bison to eliminate her. After Vega’s defeat Cammy is still confused as to why her master would want her eliminated. When she arrives to fight Bison he asks why she did not finish off Vega and then explains to her it is because she is becoming conscious of herself, his mind control is slipping and this is why she is useless, before Cammy is able to fight Bison he sends Juli and Juni to take care of her. Bison refers to them as his 'dolls' because they are part of the same mind control project that Bison used to control Cammy. Once Cammy beats Juli and Juni, Bison explains that he is tired of seeing a mere copy of himself and that Cammy was made using his DNA. After Cammy destroys Bison he makes it clear that one day he will be back and once again in her mind, Cammy proceeds into the Shadaloo compound to destroy the ‘Psycho Drive’ and free anyone in its control. On the way she meets Chun-Li who is trying to gather evidence on Shadaloo and destroy Bison herself. Cammy in a confused state has nothing on her mind but destroying the Psycho Drive. With a massive explosion the Shadaloo compound is no more and Chun-Li is left with no evidence on Shadaloo and left wondering if that confused little girl she saw survived.

    This is the large ‘accident’ that caused Cammy to forget her past as talked about in Street Fighter II.

    However the ending to Street Fighter 2 differs from game to game. In the English localized version of ‘Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers’ it is said that Bison and Cammy were lovers in the past instead of the big secret being that Cammy was made from Bison’s DNA and was a brainwashed assassin for Shadaloo, as proposed in Street Fighter Alpha 3. However the Street Fighter series is no stranger to its story and character being altered in the localization process from Japanese to English. It should be noted that this ending was corrected in Super Street Fighter II HD Remix, with Cammy learning she was made from Bison’s DNA and was once a malicious assassin for Shadaloo known to Bison as Killer Bee. After finding this out Cammy’s MI6 team known as Delta Red consoles her and lets her know that no matter what has happened in the past, she is always part of the team.

    Character Design

     Killer Bee
    Killer Bee

    There are two major iterations of Cammy, First, there is her Delta Red model, which appears in Street Fighter II and seems to be the primary model appearing in Street Fighter IV. This model shows Cammy in her Delta Red MI6 gear which consist of a green leotard and red beret with camouflage markings on her legs. This Cammy is about 19 years old.

    Her other major iteration is known as Killer Bee Cammy, which appears in some vs. games and the Alpha games. Her attire consists of a light blue leotard that is part turtleneck sweater with a matching garrison cap and yellow necktie. The camouflage on her legs was replaced with blue marks in the shape of lighting bolts. Killer Bee Cammy is a Shadaloo assassin that has been brainwashed by M. Bison. Killer Bee Cammy is about 16 years old, she is: 5 foot 4, 102.lbs, Blood type B.


    Cammy's moveset has remained relatively consistent throughout her fighting game appearances. As a close range freestyle character similar to Super Street Fighter II Turbo's Fei Long, she lacks a projectile, and spends most of her time either close with the enemy or using her advancing techniques to close the distance to deal damage. Her standard moveset includes the cannon drill, cannon spike, spinning backfist, and hooligan combination. The cannon drill quickly propels Cammy feet-first along the ground in a twisting motion, with the strength of the kick button used determining the range and potency of the attack. The cannon spike serves as Cammy's anti-air attack, and functions much like a dragon punch in that it shoots upwards and intercepts jumping opponents. Like the cannon drill, the kick button pressed determines the properties of the attack. The spinning backfist allows Cammy to hop across the screen through projectiles and strike the opponent with a two-hit combo if it is timed correctly, and is the primary means by which Cammy gains ground against projectile-reliant characters like Ryu or Sagat. Cammy's final recurring attack is the hooligan combination, which is an advancing aerial maneuver with an option to either do a command throw, slide for a low strike, or cancel into a standing posture upon completing the forward aerial roll that constitutes the first part of the attack. When Cammy connects with the command throw, called the frankensteiner, the combination of roll and throw is referred to as the hooligan combination.


    • Cammy won Capcom’s official “Which Character do fans want in SFIV?” poll.
    • Cammy is ranked number nine in IGN’s “Top 25 Street Fighter Characters” article.
    • Spike featured Cammy on their “Top 10 Video Game Vixens” at number ten.
    • Cammy was ranked fifth on “Top 50 Videogame Hotties” article.

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